Our Future Vision & Our business model
- Return Of Interest and our visions of the future: We have no fixed timetable as we rely on third-party to pay us interest that gives small % every month this will increase over time as we get more positions, we have over past year built up a reserve so we already have a system up and running and we currently in 99% re-invest mode so interest paid to Revshare are lower but will increase over time

- a Gaming and Advertise reward platform, our startpage is a mobile webbapp for our games and external products that does not need an account, we reward active members % from revenues that are 100% sustainable as we first invest money and only add money to Revenue Fund when we get interest from our Portfolio, for free users we have an challenge account level we base on Rags to Riches.
- We do not gamble in poker/casino or do fake hyip/ponzi investments, we have REAL external swedish and some companies from other countries that invest in personal loans/company real-estate loans and also some startups, we also invest in some shares and use forex, we mostly use only safe positions without leverage loan so it is low risks=long-term investments up to 180 months.
- We use a community investment/reward model because when people come together profits will increase for all, alone you cannot do this easy without millions in bank, and most people cannot invest into real-estate as that are limited for privileged people some countries have very high restrictions that only allow rich people into their business, and they say it is to avoid ordinary people losing money on high risks but it is not true, it is higher risks doing Forex where you can loose all in one day and many people gamble their hard earned money in casino without restrictions every day losing money, a company/real-estate can often be sold to pay investors, even if there are risks we in Sweden have deposit insurance that when a company goes bankcrupt then in first step bankrupt's estate will pay, in last stage if no money is left we can write a loss in our taxes and get money back that way.
- We also strive for environmental investments like wind, solar and water/forest companies as those have future potential.
- Most important is our 365 days Revenue Fund to create a sustainbable reward platform even when money is locked in for 180 months we can pay rewards, and all external investments must do 10 cycles before matured as we pay 25% VAT, so we use a Reserve Fund where we place money that have not cycle 10 times this means $1=$10, this money get interest from a bank savings account until we can get new lending positions.

The orginal game and our counterpart
In Rags to Riches you're an homeless bum, goal is to collect plastic bottles and money to survive and upgrade your life and you can also invest money in the bank, like in real-life all people can be homeless without any job and this is harder experience than this game.
You can play the real game with an emulator for android/pc (iphone is not supported), we will add a guide how to play with emulator.

We use the same model for our reward platform, you collect plastic bottles to clean the nature from pollution, recycle those by transfer to purchase balance and then buy upgrades or buy Revpack to get real money, for every level you get higher rewards.

Our Advertising Options
Advertising is not our main part of RTRPLAY as we are an Revshare, users are not requried to view ads it's optional but you get free advertising credits by viewing ads, higher subscriptions = higher rewards.
With our Ad solutions you have options, you can advertise almost everything that don't breaks TOS.
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Kjell Johansson (CEO & Owner)