Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this FAQ to understand our business before asking questions, last updated 9 January 2021.

Q. What is RTRPLAY.SE working hours

- Working hours: we are online after ordinary jobs (Monday-Friday 18:00-23:00 Swedish time)
- Holiday/Vacations: 

Q. What is RTRPLAY and how is it sustainable?
A. First RTR is based on a game called Rags To Riches read more under our page About as it's based on a game it's much harder to advance but you get higher rewards when you level up, it is sustainable as we have a limited FREE account option and all commisions can only be used for advertisement to limit fraud from multi account abusers that are very high on this kind of sites, as we do not get paid from our ad providers from multi account abusers we have created a payit forward system, meaning all real money is paid only when you have Trafficpacks this represent 100% real money, abusers cannot fraud the system as system automatically divides money to all Trafficpacks owner by 365 days reserve.

It's not impossible to earn as a free user and upgrade to Bronze subscription but it is harder if you are not active every day, the primary use of the site is entertainment like playing games but you can also advertise or earn loyalty cashback from our portfolio interest, all purchases will give you extra advertising as loyalty cashback, we do not rely on site purchases as we get money from external company interest.

All cash from Revenue Fund represent 100% of cash available from investment interest not internal purchases, all internal purchases and external revenues goes directly into our portfolio as investment from 12 months upto 180 months (15 years is not very common but exits in real estate & loans and gives higher %).

Most investments are paying interest by quarter but some are starting paying monthly, we invest some % in Forex/Shares for higher returns but we like safer investments as and, we have some more swedish lending companies we will add later to our portfolio, as those sites are based in sweden they are only open for Swedish customers, now we open up a way for international customers to get interest and we take all risk even for swedish customers.

Some portfolio investments can go bankrupt, in Sweden all investments are secured and a trustee (kronofogden) will go in and secure payments from other equitys, as long your Trafficpacks are active you will get interest but higher interest we get faster ROI.
Read How It Works page

Q. Are RTRPLAY an hyip or pyramid scheme?
A. NO, we only give cash reward for site activity not direct investment, this comes from interest by our portfolio investments and we are an legal sole proprietorship business in Sweden.

Q. Do you report taxes for users?
A. NO, a member must report returns to their own tax office, we only pay our own taxes (25% VAT) on all income, because of this we must invest cash to give rewards back to users otherwise it would not be an 100% sustainable business.

Q. When can payments be requested and minimum?
A. When you have Bronze subscription you can request at anytime, if you change payment adress you will have to wait 7 days.
- Minimum is $1, payouts is manual done 1st week in every month, delay can be because vacation or holidays.
- if you want to be paid in time you must request payment before 28th in current month.
- Why have we done this way? as main amount of money is locked up in external lending/investment companies that pays only at the end of month it would create a problem making us taking money from other users deposits - a pyramid scheme is illegal and not sustainable, if you read our about page you see that we have built this to last longer than 1 year.

Q. What is the fees?
A. Cashouts 5% and Deposits 0.50% ($0 + 0% from our side) for all payment systems as long as cryptocurrency is stable but if it is unstable it will be raised tempoary to 10% or in some cases closed until it is stable again, the fee is invested back into our portfolio earning a sustainable income for our Trafficpack owners, You will get up to 100% of cashout fee in TrafficExchange Credits, you can win back % of the fee in Reward Coins from GPT Balance called TaxRefund.

Q. What is Reward Coins and Bottles why do i not get cash?
A. This system is based on a game, when viewing ads in GPT Road to Riches you get Bottles this can be recycled to Reward Coins, this is a simulation of real life and learn how to clean up enviroment and earn money (RC) can be used in virtual investing to increase your rewards, RC can be transfer to purchase balance to buy advertisement Banners or Trafficpacks that also gives cashback.

- Value of RC is fixed at $0.00000001, real money goes into our Revshare, so if you have Trafficpacks you also get cashback every day from our site total activity (game plays, site purchases, shop purchases, offerwalls completions, and interest from external investments), you can buy from $0.10.
- We want a sustainable system so we cannot give real value in cash directly because our providers do not pay us directly making it impossible to pay you money we do not have and system would go bankrupt before we get that money, you will get money as long you have active Trafficpacks as it is based on real value we have got in real wallets, use your Reward Coins to buy more Trafficpacks and earn more than you would have with a standard system, most other system is based on a pyramid scheme meaning they take money from other users deposits to pay you, we do not as it is illegal.

Q. What payment providers is available?
A. Swedish customers can do a manual support request to deposit with Swish, read our HowItWorks page, all other countries have PerfectMoney and crypto currencies (Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dash,Doge,Etherum,Ripple,Monero), also if you purchase products with PayPal in our shop you can get up to 90% in purchase balance.

Q. Can my household register multiple accounts on same IP or use VPN?
A. Many people have dynamic IP and share IPs with other people so it is allowed with some limits.
- You cannot use the same IP on the same day as many of our adproviders has cheat protection that also block VPN.
- Your account must have different payment provider and email or your account will be banned.

Q. How can i use FB,Twitter,Google with an old account?
A. In user menu (profile picture) select settings and authorization there you will find connect button.

Q. I have done Offerwall but not credited?
A. There is a known server glitch where you open ad and wait for OK but never shown, it is not even shown in our logs this can happen because of offerwall server timeout or our server is attacked by DDOS and cannot respond before timeout, try again.
IMPORTANT: offerwalls have one site per day rule so you will not be credited twice if you have done offer at another site.

Q. What is the inactivity fee?
A. We have no direct inactivity fee but if your account is inactive 365 days all balances will be tranferred to Revshare Reserve Fund.

Q. How can i contact my referral i do not see email?
A. We fully respect all members privacy as we follow GDPR and will never disclose a members private information to a third-party except usernames without your consent, this is to prevent email marketing and hacking (as email is used for login, you should use a second email for communication), we have a internal message system just click on left menu item (people) you will find all members in our social network, please respect other users right to privacy if we get notified that you have broken this rule you will get banned, you can also use our live chat system.

Q. I had messages in Chat/Private Message system but now ther are deleted?
A. We will from time to time automatically delete old messages older than 365 days to clean up database.

Q. What can i do if my account is locked / banned / expired?
A. If you have enterred wrong password or broken our rules your account is automatically locked, you need to create a support ticket and we will review your case, if we find that you deserve a second change we will unlock your account, but if you have misused our system with multiple accounts and then spreading false rumours because you have been banned we will never give one account back.

Q. Why is Trafficpacks not including visits and banner impressions?
A. Simple answer it is because we do not use that, we give Traffic Exchange Credits instead and $1 is worth 1000 Visits.

Q. Is Trafficpacks classified as an investment and are there risks?
A. NO, we do not provide a fixed return time it can take up to 36 months so you must be long-term user to get advantage of this, it is meant to be used for loyalty cashback on advertising, with all businesses there are risks but we take 100% off the risk.

Q. How can i secure my account both for hacking and my health issues?
A. First have strong password, you can also enable google 2FA in your account settings.
- Do not use easy 1234 as pin number because it is used when you request payments and make account changes, do not use same email as you use for communication and never give out password or store it in a safe place.
- When account data is changed/or payment is requested a mail is sent to verify that you are the right person this mail is valid 30 minutes.
- If you want to secure your account cash for any health issues or death in future you must have a person you fully trust that can access your account in such cases or contact us with details of your account, if not your account will be locked after 365 days and then we remove all data when we cleanup unused accounts, for this to work the account must be verified.

Q. Are account verification mandatory?
A. NO, but if you use account as an Earner you can secure your account by verification and also get extra $100 in Traffic Exchange Credits, documents requried (a selfie with account owner holding a ID Card with name and social security number plus utillity bill with adress, data must match account details) this are not stored after verification, a verified account will have the profile picture replaced that shows account is verified.
- Verification is also to prevent multi account abusers or if you have been banned/locked out after multiple false logins.

Q. I see that i can rent a referral do you use bots? REMOVE ?
A. NO, all referrals are real referrals (referrals without upline) we do not accept any use of bots, as our referral system is built for free advertising it means that you cannot directly cashout your commisions, you can use it for purchasing (Banner,Trafficpacks) only.

Q. How can i earn as a affiliate on your site?
A. When a referrals purchase you get commission, your commision can be used for buying advertisement, to earn from purchases you need Trafficpacks then you get daily cashback and will increase your earning depending on your amount of packs, when you get cash this will be credited to your main-balance, at $1 you can cashout at anytime if you have bronze subscription.
- We have done this to limit fraud by multiple accounts and create free advertising mode by renting referrals, all income from members purchases goes into our portfolio as investments when we get interest back we add this to our revenue pool this increases our sustainability and create higher cashback % for our RevShare and is backed with real money.

Q. How can i watch VIP torrent movies inside browser?
A. First you need an VPN for Chrome and select best country, if you want to use other browser search for alternative extensions
 Urban VPN (best):
 Browsec VPN:
or download Avira Phantom VPN (premium will be unlimited bandwidth)

Second Extension is this will stream all torrent links inside Chrome browser

Q. What is best app for Freedom of Expression
A. As many apps can be removed from appstore because they want censoring people, you can install apk manual it's not hard you just need to go into phone settings and click allow installing third-party apps, or best is to use our webapp with a integrated social system you currently find people in section where we list all channels, display system will be changed to allow more external/internal systems, there is also apps