How it works?

Last Updated: 22 January 2020

Our working hours / Vacation & Holidays
- Working hours: we are online after ordinary jobs (Monday-Friday 18:00-23:00 UTC Swedish time)
- Holiday/Vacations: 

Video Demostration of our GPT/Revshare system (coming soon)
- We base our system on real world economic model game called Rags to Riches, you start as an homeless bum collecting plastic bottles to save the nature from pollution, you then go to a recycle system (Money/Transfer) and get money in purchase balance, now you decide if you want to buy Revpacks earning you real money in main balance or upgrade your life to get higher daily rewards, on the way you will also get extra achievements rewards, at the end you could advertise your new blog/site for free earning you an extra income from your site ads or you can cashout if you are at Bronze level and have $1.
- Follow the demo to understand that you could earn by doing nothing like the rich you simple need to start at the bottom working your way up that's why it is called RTR challenge you can skip that part if you have $1.

GPT​​​ Games
- You can play our games at our startpage app in fullscreen without an account in both desktop and smartphones, 100% revenues from in-game advertisement will go to our Revenue Fund, if you have an Revpack more game plays will increase earnings for you, you need to disable adblocker or it will only harm you earnings.
- We are working on special member games under 2020, we will have games that will reward by level up or some games will have special contests.

Create account / How to earn from Daily tasks
Opening an account is easy and FREE and you get rewards by playing games or view ads, click here Register.
- Write username,email,password and a pin to be used for profile changes, then click submit and we will send a verification email.
- Add our site to your mobile homescreen: icon will be added soon
- You login with your EMAIL and PASSWORD.
- You can add Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in your profile settings later to increase your account security.
- You have 24 hours to view ads and get all daily rewards from PTC / CPA / TE and videos.
- Complete following tasks every day and you get subscription cashback and earn cash from Revshare:
Claim CPA offers + Bottle Faucets, you get extra Bottles by viewing videos and PTC/TE Offerwalls ads, transfer all bottles to purchase balance and buy Revpacks 1-30, repeat this steps every day and upgrade subscription and get higher rewards, it's easy to earn for FREE if you follow this steps.

- When you get $1 in Main or Purchase balance you upgrade to Bronze subscription and get allowed to cashout your earnings over $1 one time every month (1st week), it is recommended to wait until $10 and use Revshare to increase your daily earnings by upgrading subscription because it will take longer time if you do a Hit'n'Run, do you want to earn pennies or dollars.
Read more here why you should upgrade (opens in new tab)

Social Personal Message System
- If you misuse this system for private advertising or harassing people you will be banned, you will find your profile by clicking on profile picture and then you can change ?u=USERNAME to other member.
- You must first add people by sending an invite before you can talk to them.
- This system is the only way you can contact your Referrals as we do not show email adresse for GDPR reasons, you can however ask them if they want to provide an email adress, it is recommended not to use same email as your account email for security reasons and do not send advertising without member consent you will be banned for multiple TOS violations.

Affiliate program
- We have built a affiliate system where commisions can only be used for free advertising, 100% of income goes to our Portfolio -> Revshare, this will limit all account frauds from users that create multiple accounts to get referral money to them self as this will create a debt of money that dosen't exist in real balances, a user that wants affiliate money can buy Revpacks and they will get more money as your referral cash is invested into real companies, as long your Revpack is active you get 100% of you referral money plus interest back in the end so you will not loose anything you will rather gain more money than you would have with a standard affiliate system.
- You get rewards for every Direct/Rented referral views/purchases up to 100% in Bottles or money in Commission balance, it can only be used for buying Advertisement, rented users are real users that currently are available for renting, no bots are allowed.

- Is our internal reward for watching ads or play games in a special reward page, the recycle price is fixed at $0.00000001 as you only need 10K Bottles to invest into Revshare, we are giving higher rewards when you level up, every time you get 10K Bottles you can go to menu Money/Transfer then you can buy RevPacks minimum price $0.00010000 or you can advertise for free.
- We will add extra ways to get Bottles so you will earn more sustainable income if you think long-term.
Read more at Revshare section in this page.

How to transfer money/bottles
- First you add your payment processor in your profile settings then click (menu/deposit) and select processor and write amount click transfer, all deposits except bank/swish are automated.
- If you have bottles to transfer, click (menu/transfer), then you see a button purchase balance this can be changed on click to traffic balance, now you can click MAX and all your bottles will be selected then click transfer.
- If you have commision to transfer, click (menu/transfer), then you see a button main balance this can be changed on click to commision balance, now you write amount in textbox then click transfer.
- If you have over $1 in main balance and a Bronze subscription you click (menu/withdraw), select processor and write amount click transfer, all withdrawals are manual processed in 1st week every month.

Payment Methods and Fees
- Payments are manual done 1st week in every month exceptions are when holidays or vacation occur, read at the top.
Why have we done this way? because as main amount of money is locked up in external lending/investment companies that pays only at the end of month it would create a problem making us taking money from other users deposits - a pyramid scheme is illegal and not sustainable, if you read our About page you see that we have built this to last longer than 1 year.

- To get paid next month the last day to request is 28th in current month, you also need minimum Bronze subscription and $1 in Main-balance then you can request at anytime, but it is recommended to wait until atleast $10 to minimize fees and to earn more.

- Swish: Swedish customers can add their swish number and can be used for cashout or deposit directly to us, you need to add your username attached to swish payment everytime or you will not be credited, we will add your deposit as soon as we can, cashout request can be done inside system at anytime and we make payment in same order as other payments.
- PerfectMoney: Main direct payment system as it's stable with low fees.
- Crypto currencies with Coinpayments: Bitcoin,Litecoin,Dash,Doge,Etherum,Ripple,Monero
- Paypal: Buy products using our RTR Shop, we do not accept direct deposits/cashouts, read more under Loyalty program/RTR shop.

- Deposit promotions: 10% extra on RippleCoin (XRP) between 1 January - 30 January 2020
- Deposit fees: 0.50% from payment processor ($0 + 0% from our side).
- Cashout fees: 10% and you get up to 100% back in Traffic Exchange credits, if using Swish you also get 5% discount.

You are requried to login 1 time per 7 days to receive daily Revpack earnings, you can be 100% passive earner by buying vacation but if you do not view CPA ads you do not get cashback on subscription, you get cashback for every CPA ads you view per day, if you fail to claim your daily CPA every day it will be transferred to our Reserve Fund then it will be paid as interest to active Revpacks.
- RTR Challenge: FREE option read more at top of the page
- Bronze/Silver/Gold: You can buy 5 days or up to 3650 days (10 years).
- VIP: It's a special subscription that only a user can get after 1K+ investment in our Revshare.
- You can buy with balances: Main, Purchase
Read more here (opens in new tab)

Inactivity fees / Expired accounts
- We have no direct inactivity fee instead we have built CPA you can read about that below, this will both increase user activity and earnings for both user and site.
- If you want to secure your earnings you need to be active and login every day or you will loose daily subscription cashback (CPA).
- If you're inactive for 7 days your account will be marked inactive and earnings from Revpacks and Referrals are paused however we have only 1 login requriement per week so you can be passive earner but you loose your daily subscription cashback (CPA).
- If you want to have longer vacation than 7 days and still get earnings from Revpacks and Referrals you can buy vacation for $0.01/day, under vacation a Member cannot withdraw the money but will still receive his Referral and Revpack earnings, account will also not expire.
- After 365 days inactivity your account will expire and all balances will be transferred to Reserve Fund, you can activate your account again but without any money by contacting us.
- You also should have a trustee if something happens to you so your earnings can be paid to your family instead of account cleaning.

Money Pool Distribution System
- Revenue Fund: a distribution system for our Revshare, it holds money for 365 days to create a sustainable system and increases daily returns over time, money is placed into high interest bank savings account with deposit insurance.
- Reserve Fund: a distribution system for our Portfolio, it holds money in savings account until a new position is available at our investment providers then cash is invested into our portfolio.

Earn / Advertising option - Traffic Exchange
- User view your site for 5 seconds and get Traffic Exchange credits, as we only pay TE credits per view we invest 100% off revenues to Portfolio -> Revshare and will give cashback to Revpacks owner.
- Earned TE credits can only be used to buy FREE TE advertising, what you earn depends on your subscription.
- You can buy with balances: Main, Purchase, Commision
Read more here (opens in new tab)

Earn / Advertising option - RevPacks
- This is the place if you have money and want to earn cashback on advertising, when you buy Revpacks you buy TE credits so you are not buying investment, as we built this way we are 100% debt free and sustainable legal business, we however pay you loyalty cashback if your account and Revpacks are still active, Revpacks expires only after full % cashback is paid.
- All money that we pay you comes from external companies interest not other users purchases, we have also no fixed return time as most companies we invest into pay small part at end of every month/quarter up to 180 months and all investments are 100% public.
- If you are a FREE user it will take time but more Bottles you earn higher you can climb in our Revenue Level from 1 - 5, you can buy 1 RevPack for $0.00010000 that will give you minimum 101% ROI, 1 Level is limited if you want unlimited select REV2 or higher.
- Money to our investment portfolio comes from Games & Affiliate system & Offerwalls & adproviders & internal site purchases and shop purchases this will first be invested into portfolio and then interest is added every month to a Pool Distribution, this system will also reserve money for 365 days so it will pay every day even if we need to wait for next payment, this will allow interest to increase every month, you can see latest distribution at login or in news page.
- Revshare earnings are automatically paid daily 365 days (even on holidays) after 23:30 UTC+1 Swedish time.
- Advertisements campaigns (optional): You can add Revpacks impressions later, users get 10 Bottles per view (cannot view own ads)
- Startpage AD: Your ad will be shown before any other advertisements
- You can buy with balances: Main, Purchase
Read more here (opens in new tab)

Advertising option - Banners
- You can add banner by external url, we do not allow fileuploads at the moment as our host don't allow unlimited files.
- You can buy banner impressions with size 125x125 or $0.075 for 728x90, size 468x60.
- Supported image formats: JPG (GIF,PNG are currenlty not supported and will be added later)
- You can add geolocation to your banner advertisement for $1, 100% off all revenues is invested to Portfolio -> Revshare.
- You can buy with balances: Main, Purchase, Commision
Read more here (opens in new tab)

GPT Earning option - Cashback Per Action (CPA)
- We want you to earn maximum so we created a Cashback Per Action system that shows advertisements instead of inactivity fee, 100% of income goes to a Revenue Fund.
- You have access up to 10 levels (with VIP) if you do not claim all those levels every day you will loose % of your daily subscription cashback, you have 1 claims per level and 24h to claim all CPA Levels.
- If you for some reasons fail to claim your CPA cashback rewards because you're on vacation all money will be added to Reserve Fund and then interest is paid to Revenue Fund to all Revpacks owner, so in the end you will not loose if you have Revpacks even if you are gone for vacation.
- We have extra GPT rewards like Bottle Bin, Reward games, Mine-Crypto, and Search the City that gives random rewards up to $1 in main balance.

GPT Earning option - Offerwalls
- We only pay Bottles per action and 100% off income goes to a Revenue Fund, it's main purpose is for users to collect bottles that can be used for buying RevPacks and advertisement.
- Doing surveys can give you higher rewards but is very time consuming as mostly you get "you're not qualified" and they are used for collecting personal information about you.
ClixWall[1], SkippyAds[2], Mediumpath[3], HitsWall [4]

GPT Earning option - Jackpots
This is not meant to be used as a gamble, it is used to mimic 'Robber' and 'Cop/IRS' in the real game, you can run away (WIN some rewards) or can be caught (LOOSE), you can however get free upgrades and purchase money to use for Advertising or Revpacks in our progressive jackpot, we also have some seasonal jackpots (christmas,easter)

Loyalty program - Extra rewards
- RTR Shop: You get extra GPT rewards by using our RTR Shop (opens in new tab), up to 100% in Purchase balance, so you can shop and at the same time get money into our system with Paypal, we are using (opens in new tab), they provide the shop and deliver the goods so they are rsponsible if there are any problems, we can add our own designs on products if you have an idea contact us.
- Trophies Achievements: Get extra Bottles when you have viewed PTC ads/CPA number of times or by investing/refer people, it will increase for every trophy level.
- Play GPT Reward Games (comes in 2020)
Read more here (opens in new tab)