Jan-2021 Updates 9/25/2020 2:46:21 PM

Pre-Launched 2019-10-01 tempoary stopped April
Restart 2020-11-01 (limited registration for Sweden until next year)

Progress plan for 2021:
 We have updated TOS regarding freedom of speech on our platform to counter censorships in some countries we will now focus to create a new platform ui where we combine multiple platforms and connect our internal banner system to save guard against unsafe banners you need to contact us for purchase banner ads, registration will open for all countries when interest increase, our Portfolio will increase to $5000 in January if all interest is paid, in May will be around $6000, December $10000 if all interest is paid but with more active members this would increase money from advertisement companies to boost portfolio, we use statistical calculation to create a sustainable system that will be strong even in the coming global economical downturn, our Revenue Fund will grow when portfolio does and interest % is based on how fast Revenue Fund grows it will automatically go up/down, all depends on if Toborrow starts lending operation again but we have other platforms now that are paying faster.

if you want an account you can contact us even if we limited to Sweden and we create that manual then you use password reset to change password.
Registration will be open for all countries when interest is increased.

Login Bonus, all members will under 2021 get a daily RCoins & TECredits and interest on main balance by claiming inside dashboard.

Subscription are changed into 1 year from $1 and with no requriements, and you only need to play Road To Riches or do Offerwalls and you will get RCoins then you will be able to upgrade for free and also RCoins can be used for Trafficpacks.

Membership fee is placed into GPT balances and you can win that by playing the Road To Riches Game.

Cashout fee is changed to 5% and 100% of the fee is placed into a GPT TaxRefund balance, when you play the game Road To Riches you can win back a tax refund.

This is a GPT Revshare not a standard Revshare, you will in FUTURE be able to earn by playing games and get RewardCoins, this RCoins can be transferred to purchase balance and you can buy Advertisement or TrafficPacks for free, you do not need to have paid subscription to buy Trafficpacks, when you want to cashout you only need a $1 Bronze 365 day subscription.

TrafficPacks is both a Revshare and Traffic Exchange Credits, 100% of cash will be invested into our portfolio and you get cashback by being active member, 1 TrafficPack gives you $1 TEC.

If you have an account you get access to Offerwalls and get rewarded in RCoins for your work, rewards are based on your subscription, from 100 RC to 1000 RC per offer, 100% income from Offerwalls goes to Revshare and is divided into 365 days for a sustainable system.