​Monthly Revenue Distribution

Launched 9/25/2020 2:46:21 PM

Pre-Launched 2019-10-01 and stopped in April 2020 for Covid-19
Restart 2020-11-01

Many things will be changed from the old version as we integrate a gaming system so you get rewarded to play, the game Road To Riches has been on hold until we get to next stable phase.

Subcription are changed into 1 year from $1 and with no requriements, and you only need to play Road To Riches or do Offerwalls and you will get RCoins then you will be able to upgrade for free and also RCoins can be used for Trafficpacks.

Membership fee is placed into GPT balances and you can win that by playing the Road To Riches Game.

Login Bonus, all members get a daily RCoins & TECredits by claiming at login, Gold and VIP membership gives you also 1% interest on your purchase balance.

Cashout fee is changed to 5% and 100% of the fee is placed into a GPT TaxRefund balance, when you play the game Road To Riches you can win back a tax refund.

This is a GPT Revshare not a standard Revshare, you will in FUTURE be able to earn by playing games and get RewardCoins, this RCoins can be transferred to purchase balance and you can buy Advertisement or TrafficPacks for free, you do not need to have paid subscription to buy Trafficpacks, when you want to cashout you only need a $1 Bronze 365 day subscription.

TrafficPacks is both a Revshare and Traffic Exchange Credits, 100% of cash will be invested into our portfolio and you get cashback by being active member, 1 TrafficPack gives you $1 TEC, 1 TEC is 1 day worth of traffic, as we will move standard TE to outside into our game Road To Riches we also open up the system for all non-account users that only want to play games, you do not need an account to view TE sites all data will be stored inside your browser until you transfer them to account, you will be rewarded Bottles as in the game Rags To Riches, this you can then recycle to RCoins, you will also get some other rewards by using our Road To Riches game that only can be used inside the game.

If you have an account you get access to Offerwalls and get rewarded in RCoins for your work, rewards are based on your subscription, from 100 RC to 1000 RC per offer, 100% income from Offerwalls goes to Revshare and is divided into 365 days for a sustainable system

Cashout are enabled from Bronze subscription, a Bronze subscription are 365 days and cost $1

The timeline for all development is not set in stone, it will be a development on the road

We as the owner only earn from our own Trafficpacks not from other users, so we work for you to increase our earnings from external partner sites not the other way around at sc#am sites, we use licensed investment sites to create this reward gaming site.