​Monthly Revenue Distribution

February 3/3/2020 12:12:44 PM

We have now finished data migration, we will upgrade and slimline our GPT system to minimize progress time, new feature will be added with random bonus up to 10x depending on subscription level.

Registration is closed as we have paused Revshare modul, as stockmarket first crashed then is very volatility because fear of corona virus so have our interest as of now we do not get interest from some of our positions and we limit our risks at this time so we will be forced to lower the interest for March month and monitoring how April month will be, we re-invest when prices go low, a new appartment building in Sweden is added to portfolio but payment is after 12 months, if you can't wait you can ask for refund, we will open again when world economics is stable.

We have updated our offerwall credit system with our own system, this to fix problems so now all offerwall offers pay the same, you will get 100 to 1000 Bottles for every offer depending on membership, this can be used to buy Revpacks & Advertisement or upgrade membership for free, 100% of revenues is first invested then goes to Revshare, we are the only site offering 100% from offerwalls plus interest from portfolio, as providers do not pay us directly and also cash is really very low we cannot have a system that are not sustainable for the future.

.: CURRENT PROMOTION until 30 june 2020 :.
- Do daily tasks and upgrade to Bronze Subscription get $10 in TE credits
first 10 users get $10 in purchase balance to buy Revpacks or free advertising,
with Revpacks you get daily dividends.
- We have contests for Referral, CPA offer
- Be number 1 in Top 10 users and get $100 in purchase balance
- Buy Revpacks and get up to 200% TE credits

1. Collect Bottles from CPA Offers, Offerwalls, Videos, TE, and you get extra achievement rewards.
2. Transfer Bottles (Money / Transfer) select Bottles click MAX then transfer to purchase
3. Buy upgrade and increase daily rewards, or buy Revpacks with purchase balance and start earn real $ in you main balance when you get Bronze subscription request payout and wait to 1st week in next month.