Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using RTRPLAY.SE - Last updated 23 December 2020.

By signing up and actively using RTRPLAY, you agree to all terms and conditions set forth in this membership agreement. RTRPLAY may at any time choose to edit/add or delete portions of this agreement and impose changes without prior notification of it's members, we will endeavor to notify all members at login about all changes on our website.

If our Terms and Conditions is unacceptable to you, your only recourse is to terminate your RTRPLAY account you can do that by not using your account, your continued participation in RTRPLAY following our posting of a change in policy on our site will constitute your binding acceptance to the change.

You agree and acknowledge that you will review this agreement on a regular basis and you further agree that upon logging in and viewing the site you are deemed to have reviewed and accepted the latest revisions/modifications to this membership agreement.

We support Freedom of Speech platforms
RTRPLAY unite several video platforms to counter censorship in youtube channels where you also can advertise and earn rewards by being an content uploader you only need an alternative channel we can embed into our system we cannot list all videos if system do not provide a playlist but you can advertise your videos in Traffic Exchange system by selecting 60seconds TEPack.

We have seen a 100% increase in censorship in so-called democracies in 2020, in Germany you can even get jail time for talking about certain topics that should be under free speech, we will never support and invest our portfolio in companies like (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or other companies) that have a policy that does not follow REAL laws and support free speech, as of now private companies can set their own rules that violate freedom of expression in countries that should give people the right to speak and discuss openly this is because government want to censor example optional parties but they can't openly doing so as it would be not democratically so they contact social companies and let them do this example google and facebook earn lots of money because in many countries they have ZERO tax and ZERO electrial bills because they help governments censoring people.

We are currently moving forward to a china controlled earth regime because no one in governments even care to mention what china do to their people and we have seen many countries go the same way without any people reacting to their policy or if someone discuss this in a video on youtube it will be removed, in some countries police is breaking in doors and destroying businesses economicially without any repercussions, during election periods or under Covid-19 in both the US and Sweden we have seen governments threaten large social enterprises with sanctions if they do not remove optional parties who have an opinion other than the prevailing leadership, private news organisations and journalists have got their social accounts and payment processors closed because they let the public know and discuss topics that should be free speech.

Governments should not have any rights to threaten private companies because it's illegal manipulation and most important it's not democratic to change laws to criminalize people that only express their personal views as long it's not direct violence, private companies should not have any right to violate free speech laws, if something is illegal it should be decided by court of law not privately owned companies. United Nations write at their homepage that all people should have freespeech

Business Model
If you are an hyip-minded person that wants 200% in one day it's impossible, there are NO real investments that give you 200% back in 100 days stop being fooled by all hyip sites they are scamming you by taking other peoples money to pay the next user in-line, most of our partners have investments from 12 months up to 180 months.

We're one of the few sites that pay capital tax of 30% this is done automatically by our Swedish partner sites (open in new tab) making it 100% legal site, we're NOT an PTC or MLM network marketing site, we will never take money from other users to pay you, as all interest are coming from outside Swedish companies that pays in the end of every months it will take longer time, how do we solve this is simply we have 365 days reserve system that grows for every interest paid from our partners and we reinvest all interest except money paid to reward users this will make our system sustainable and growing for every month instead of collapsing like ponzi sites.

Money that comes from in-site & external advertising and purchases are first invested into our Portfolio (open in new tab) then interest is paid to our Revenue Fund that divides all money by 365 days reserve, then paying cashback reward to active Trafficpacks every day until maximum cashback are paid.

We're complying to worldwide regulations as we only give cashback reward to active user accounts and free users must do daily GPT Tasks to be able upgrading to paid subscription for free.

Our site will be online even with zero deposits as we use our own money into portfolio, we created this site to let people to earn rewards not force people watching ads and then close business after 1 month, we have had our domain since 2011, GPT system is only to give extra rewards and can be used for free Trafficpacks and Advertising purchase.

Owner by RTRPLAY site get ONLY compensation trough owning Trafficpacks like ordinary members of site and referral money is reinvested into portfolio, all deposits goes into portfolio and then pays interest that we add to our revenue pool distribution system at 1st day in every month, then it's automatically distributed to active Trafficpacks every day without admin control.

EU GDPR & Anti AML laws and Freedom of expression
As we are stationed inside EU we are bond to EU GDPR and Anti Money Laundering laws, if law enforcement contacts us because you use our system for money-laundering we will be forced to comply and request an account verification or at last resort terminate your account, as this is an advertise / entertainment site it's highly unlikely and you can read our Privacy Policy.

For content advertiser using Traffic Exchange we strictly follow a no delete policy as content is uploaded to a third party, we can however delete advertising for videos showing violence or direct hate speech and alcohol consumption because this shall be a family friendly platform, we have a video section where we requries an account to view some videos, content is without our control and external links are automatically collected with an bot.

Security and Backup policy
As we have seen an increase of ransomware and hacking of hosting accounts we have always an backup server so when our main server goes down we will use our backup to notify you about the problems, no one is safe in this world so we all need to think of our own security also, you as an user need to think of your own security before blaiming others, we cannot be 100% secured as long we are connected to internet we can always upgrade but then our enemies upgrade their ransomware it's a rat race, we restrict access to personal information database and backups are stored offline and updated every day, we store individual backups for 1 month so you have 1 month to report a problem after that timeframe we cannot help you without any transaction information, and as last note to all criminals we take security threats very seriously and we will take legal action against you and will never pay ransom money to you if you try attack our server/hosting company, it's better to notify us and get rewards instead of INTERPOL - International Crime Police Force contacting you.

All passwords are encrypted but you need to have strong password and set a 2FA login and always do antivirus checks for keyloggers and other stuff with example Malwarebytes (open in new tab) do not use same computer/mobile to test new downloaded apps in offerwalls as there are many examples off people that got infected even from google store, you can even be infected by advertisement if there are bugs in browsers so stay updated, we are not responsible for your devices or advertisements we will however remove and ban all advertisers that misuse our system.

If an attacker get into your account they can't cashout as first they need access to your email to confirm payout and know your PIN number for changing payment id then wait 7 days but they also need to wait until payment is manual proccessed at 1st week in every month and before that they will be caught as we also check last used IP's to see strange logins before payment is processed, so if you use dynamic IP/multiple IPs your payment will be delayed until we can confirm your identity.

You can also help us do screenshot of all your transactions so if/when we need to use old database (even if we take backups every day we can't take backups every seconds) then you can open a support ticket if some payment/ad-campaigns is lost, how can we help you if you do not have any information?

To increase our security our payments systems is locked down to our Swedish IP number and we will have limited amount of payment providers (as we know the history of payza/egopay etc) and limit amount of money in every account so we also lower our digital currency exposure.

At downtime longer than 24h all daily Revshare earnings is paid forward to next day, this can occur at upgrades or if something happens with our hosting provider when we are not available and most type of work cannot be done with mobile internet in countryside with forest and hills, we will notify you and restore all access as soon as possible.

Purchases and payments
- Internal site purchases and payments on RTRPLAY.SE are final and is not refunded.
- External purchases and payments on our shop spreadshirt shop (open in new tab) have 30 days return rights, if you buy products and claim refund you cannot claim our cashback bonus, we pay up to 100% cashback bonus (depends on subscription) on all purchases to your purchase balance from a PayPal payment, you claim by open an support ticket with your order details (in 30 days from purchase date) then we will check with our order logs, if your provided order details is OK you will get cashback after 30 days from purchase date, if we see that you have used paypal refund without notifying us we will lock your account for cashback fraud, you can get your account back by contacting us but 2 refunds in same way will result in permantly banned account.
- You can request a payment at anytime when you have an Bronze subscription and your main balance is $1, but only 1 open payment request is allowed, if you have changed payment address you must wait 7 days, all payments are processed 1st week in month it can be delays because vacation/holidays or if your last used IP don't match your account history and then you must verify your identity.
- If you cancel your payment and then request a new payment your payment will be placed last in line.

- Advertisements are not refundable, we accept all sites and banners that do not contains porn / illegal drugs (this includes marijuana cannabis that are legal in some countries) or viruses / malware that can harm our users.
- All advertisements are automatically activated but if we see multiple users violate our advertising rules we will set it tempoary to manual.
- You can report sites/banners by opening an support ticket with advertisement id, first time violating our advertisement rules will result in a warning, second time a tempoary banned account, third time your account is permantly banned and if you try creating multiple accounts we will ban your IP as we do not accept any misuse, we take security threats very seriously and we will take legal action against you.
- Due to legal regulations Revpacks are NOT an investment/securities it's a loyalty cashback reward for being active that's paid automatically every 24h at server reset 23.30 as long as your Revpacks are active, they will be active until full loyalty cashback bonus is paid, this system is 100% sustainable as cashback % is based on portfolio average real yearly interest, a Revpack has no time limit and NO repurchase rules, you get Traffic Exchange Credits in same amount to be used for advertisement directly after purchase, you can also optionally add Revpack to an advertisment campaign to get additional visits to your sites, we will maintain our loyalty cashback bonus as long as we get portfolio interest, we can at anytime change % or pause our Revpacks as this follows real interest rate paid by our portfolio partners.
- We are not responsible for external advertisement companies, if you see any Porn / Viruses you can report that.

- To open an account you need to be atleast 15 years old, you can use our system for FREE however you need an payment system to request payment or deposit for buying ads, you can use Desktop/Tablet or an Mobile to access your account but if your Mobile/Tablet have different IP than your Desktop all your payments will be delayed until you can confirm your identity.
- Username cannot be changed after creation, you can however terminate your account in two ways, first you can contact us and we will expire your account and remove last IP's now you can create a new account, second you can let your account expire by waiting 365 days.
- You can only open 1 account per IP/Household, if you login to another account with same IP on the same day both accounts will be automatically banned by our internal fraud detection system, if you know that you have dynamic IP from your internet provider you need to contact us and we will unban you but it will requrie account verification.
- You can not use VPN or proxy as most offerwalls and survey providers will block you, as you get an shared IP our internal fraud detection system will block your account if two accounts have the same IP.
- You can not sell your account it is personal if you want to terminate your account we will expire your account after 365 days of inactivity and all balances will be transferred to Reserve Fund, if you change your mind you can activate your account again by contacting us but without balances, if we need to cleanup databases for perfomance all expired accounts will be removed and cannot be restored.
- It's strongly advised to have an trustee in case something happens to you and then your account balances can be transferred after some verification, if not all balances will be transferred after 365 days of inactivity to our Reserve Fund and then paid to Revshare.
- Your are fully responsible for your own account security, if you got hacked because you fail to have secured password and activate 2FA login, you can only get back your account by contacting us.
- Your account balances will still be secured as it requries your PIN number to change payment address and then hacker must wait 7 days to even request an payment and all requests must be verified by email, then hacker must wait until 1st week in next month for payment, here we will stop the hacker as we check last used IP numbers before an payment is accepted, if you are using multiple IPs or having dynamic IP (shared IP between other peoples) your payment will fail and you need to send us support ticket for verification.
- Extra security: You cannot change your email address directly, you need to contact us with support ticket and it will cost $1 per change from your main balance you will get equal amount in your Traffic Balance.
- Account Avatar: your face or unique avatar can be added to your profile for $10, main avatar will not be changed as it's used to verify your account status to other people, you will get equal amount in your Traffic Balance.
- Account verification: not mandatory but is used to increase your account security and to compy to AML laws at request by Authority, it will cost $10 from your main balance and you get $100 in Traffic Balance.

Loyalty Affiliate Commisions
- Due to legal regulations referral commisions can only be used for purchase advertising, if you want to earn money from your referral you need to buy Revpacks.

Social Personal Message System
- If you misuse this system for private advertising or harassing people you will be banned, you will find your profile by clicking on profile picture and then you can change ?u=USERNAME to other member and click add friend, you must first add people by sending an invite before you can talk to them.
- This system is the only way you can contact your Referrals as we do not show email address for GDPR reasons, you can however ask them if they want to provide an email address, it is recommended not to use same email for communication as your account email for securty reasons and do not send advertising without member consent you will be banned for multiple TOS violations.

Jackpots tickets
- Due to legal regulations it's a virtual jackpot system NOT a real gambling Casino/Lottery, 100% of revenues goes to Portfolio -> Revshare, it's based on features from the game Rags to Riches, Police,IRS and the Robber, we also have season jackpots named Santa and a progressive jackpot to give members extra rewards, you can only win purchase credits that can be used for advertising or free subscription upgrades.

Mining Cypto
- Our CPA system have an extra GPT offer that uses your CPU to mine crypto and reward you in Bottles.
- 100% income goes to our Portfolio -> Revshare, to increase your Revpacks earnings you can self increase your CPU mining but we do not force you it will use minimal resources at start, you get rewarded 34 bottles for every 2 minutes and can run for 24 hours.
 - We use CoinPot.co system to increase your earnings we will never run this miner without your consent at other places than in our CPA system, when you open CPA Mine-Crypto your consent to run this and you will get little more rewards than it pays to us, it is very low paying with default settings if you increase settings to maximum or use more devices our Revshare can pay you faster.

- It's an internal reward system and are not direct exchangeable to cash you can only exchange your Bottles for Purchase credits or Traffic Exchange credits, this can be used for purchasing advertisements or Revpacks.